Making The Most of a Small Studio Apartment

Small studios or apartments are becoming more and more common but they raise a lot of questions about how you pair style and comfort. Fortunately there are plenty of inspirational sources out there that help show how much is possible with a small amount of space. Recently I came across the work of designers Lindsay Boswell and Ali Levin who are part of LABLstudio and was blown away by their ideas on how to create stylish small studio apartments that meet our modern living standards.

Their main focus is to create distinct areas for sleeping, living, and entertaining, even if they are all in the same room. To avoid clutter they state that every item should serve a purpose and the more multifunctional products and pieces of furniture you have the better. Of course as designers they realise it shouldn’t all be functionality based, incorporating colour and prints ensures that your apartment is an enjoyable and friendly place to be and creating quirky storage solutions is a great way to add character and points of interest to a room.

The key is to strike the right balance between functionality and design, on one wants to live in a solely functional environment that has no warmth or homely touches, yet we also need functionality too. Therefore it is integral (especially with smaller spaces) that you fill them with items that fit your needs as well as show your personality and this is where the idea of retractable beds come into their own.

A trend that is growing to be very popular is that of furniture that “disappears” when not in use, allowing you to make the most of your space. Recently we saw a gallery of Vincent Kartheiser’s (of Mad Men fame) home and he had a bed that could be elevated towards the ceiling when not in use and it really opened up the available space.

This bed is perhaps the first of its kind but we doubt it will be the last! As of yet there is little information as to how the bed mechanism works, Kartheiser was interviewed and allowed photographs to be taken of his modern bachelor pad and all we can see is wiring and a black frame to the bed. The bed is the icing on the cake of ensuring you get the most out of your space whilst still maintaining a high level of style. He also utilises curtains around the bed to add privacy and separation when necessary, which is a key theme mentioned by LABLstudio.

Retractable and suspended beds are one of interior designs growing trends to help people combat having to live in a small or awkward space. They allow you to effectively utilise space in small rooms and are becoming very popular with a lot of people, not only for their ingenuity but because they also offer some what of a surprise to guests and act as an interesting feature. It seems they may even surpass the functionality of sofa beds and definitely have some style points over them!