Make Your Kitchen Restaurant Worthy

A kitchen is an integral room in any household but a lot of modern kitchens simply don’t cut it when it comes down to practicality and style. It is a room where you do not simply prepare food, but also be an environment where people can interact with one another and relax too.
So if you are considering redesigning your kitchen there is plenty to take into consideration and looking to top restaurant kitchens can be a great way to come up with inspiration. Here’s what we have learnt from them:

Natural Light
Introducing as much natural light as possible should be one of the very first considerations when designing a kitchen, it is especially important if you don’t have a particularly big kitchen either. Doing all your regular kitchen activities, whether it is cooking, relaxing or entertaining is far more enjoyable in natural light than it is in a poorly lit environment.

Bring Some Life In
All Michelin star chefs understand the need of having fresh ingredients at their fingertips and what better way to do this than incorporate a bit of your garden into your kitchen. Consider introducing a herb patch of some sort to not only give you access to fresh produce but to also add an interesting feature to your kitchen and a more natural environment.

Look inside of a professional kitchen and you will quickly notice that everything has been designed to be as convenient as possible. While you might not necessarily be creating as many dishes as the professionals do day in and day out, there are definitely a few things you can take away from them, whether it is intelligent storage solutions to styles.

Where To Shop
This idea is often missed by a lot of us but if you want the best products for your kitchen then look no further than restaurant supply stores, they usually have pretty competitive prices and everything you might possibly need to have your kitchen looking sharp.

Make It Interactive
If you are redesigning your kitchen then think about how you want people to interact with it, which areas they will be spending most of their time in. kitchens should have a natural flow about them and room for several people to wither help you or socialise. Think of the triangle of the oven, sink and fridge. These are the key areas you spend most time at in the kitchen so make sure they aren’t all at opposite sides of the room.

Don’t Let A Small Budget Limit You
Just because you have a small budget doesn’t mean you have to limit your ideas! There are plenty of inexpensive ways to transform a kitchen and these start from as little as the cost of paint. Learn from restaurants and how the little details can make an area look more stylish, small kitchens don’t have to be unattractive, look for statement pieces such as a cool countertop that draws the eye and adds style.