Bellagio Resorts and Casino Announces Poker Video Games Alive Flow Ragging Bull Casino via Twitch

Bellagio Resorts and Casino Announces Poker Video Games Alive Flow via Twitch

Associates of the luxurious Bellagio resort and Casino hotel in Las Vegas revealed the iconic betting site is to reside flow the cash video games hosted on its premises via the top video online streaming platform Twitch. The Bellagio resorts and Casino will raging bull casino australia start unique web page on Twitch to enable real time cash games’ streaming which will start to the end of April 2017.

The stream that is live allow web based poker people across the globe to get a peek of numerous earnings games around the mid-stakes extend that’ll be hosted within the most emblematic web based poker spaces on the planet ragging bull casino.

Web based Poker lovers will be able to keep an eye on the real time action every week because of the BellagioPOTS web page from the popular reside streaming video program. The mid-stake finances games are to be broadcast each week on Wednesday, starting at 7 pm time that is local. The broadcasts are anticipated to continue up until the global world a number of Poker (WSOP) begins at the end of might 2017.

The very first celebration to get streamed in realtime are arranged for April 26, 2017, and you will be a game of No-Limit Hold’em having a buy-in that ranges between $500 and $2,000 and a $2-$5-$10 structure that is betting. Next three occasions will have a comparable wagering framework and buy-in array and can occur on May 3, might 10, and May 17 Continue reading